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About the Blog

I rarely post here but often write (unpublished) notes for myself. Most of the things have already been said. But sometimes I learn something which is not easily found online - then I post here 😅

Also, in the context of the massive X/Twitter implosion and lack of good alternatives (sorry, mastodon, I tried!), I might start sharing links for reference here.

Technical Stuff

This blog is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages, DNS happens at The theme in use is riggraz/no-style-please (LICENSE), but I messed with the CSS a lot.

The font in use for the body is Zilla Slab via Google Fonts. Sorry for the (optional) Google dependency. Code tags and blocks are in Berkeley Mono, though! I gladly paid them $75 - I use Berkeley Mono basically everywhere on my machine and now even on this page (kindly permitted by the personal developer license).